Guide to Luxury Safari Vacations in Rwanda

Dubbed the “Land of a Thousand Hills,” Rwanda is a country of majestic mountains, volcanoes, and hills, sandwiched between Congo and Uganda. Your luxury safari to Rwanda will take you to lush national parks well-suited for wilderness tours and safari adventures. Unlike many other African countries, Rwanda has more organised tourism infrastructures with decent roads and high-end accommodations.

If you’re thinking of visiting the country for a luxury safari, here’s a guide to luxury safari vacations in Rwanda.

What is a Luxury Safari Vacation?

African safaris often conjure images of lions roaring from a distance and hordes of elephants gathering around a waterhole. While seeing wild animals in their natural habitat offers exciting and memorable experiences, make the experience more enjoyable by choosing a luxury safari vacation.

With a luxury safari, you can stay in posh accommodations with world-class amenities, such as luxury tented camps or five-star lodges. You will sleep in the most comfortable beds in the heart of the African wilderness, where the wild animals live. Amenities include an ensuite bath featuring Western-style toilets, hot showers, luxe vanities, bathtubs, and a private veranda overlooking a stunning view of the African bush.

Your luxury safari vacations in Rwanda will also include an exceptional dining experience. You can choose from superb dining options, including welcome drinks of champagne and wine. If you are on a honeymoon safari, you can request a romantic candlelight dinner. Your safari will include meals for your entire stay, from breakfast to dinner. Food choices will vary and consist of local and international cuisines expertly prepared by the best chefs.

When is the Best Time to Go on Safari in Rwanda?

The best time for a safari in Rwanda is during the drier period, from June to September. During this time, you will have a better chance at spotting the highlights of most safaris in Rwanda – mountain gorillas.

On the other hand, the rainy season, which runs from March to May, and also in November, is the best time for tracking chimpanzees. It’s also quieter during this time of the year.

Because of Rwanda’s position south of the Equator, temperatures hardly vary throughout the season. Most days are warm, depending on the area you are visiting. But you can expect cooler weather at night.

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